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The Demand Driven Webinar Series will be an immersive experience with six hours of content spanning Operations, Tactics and Strategy in a Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise.  There will be six sessions between May 23rd and 26th.  This event is perfect for teams from all levels of a company to participate in.  These six sessions will be lead by the founders of the Demand Driven Institute and Demand Driven thought leaders Carol Ptak and Chad Smith.

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SESSION 1: British Telecom DDMRP Case Study

We open up the Demand Driven Webinar series with Brian Dooley FCILT, CDDP, CDDL, Senior Supply Chain Planning Manager from British Telecom.  Mr. Dooley will present BT's Demand Driven journey so far including results.


May 23, 2017 at 8:00 AM Pacific Standard Time (GMT 16:00)

SESSION 2: Precisely Wrong  

At the heart of most supply chains lies a planning tool called Material Requirements Planning (MRP).  Invented in the 1950s, codified in the 1960s and commercialized in the 1970s MRP became THE way of life for supply order generation and synchronization.  What used to take teams of people weeks to plan could be done overnight with incredible precision.  As products and supply chains became more complex this precise synchronization capability seemed more valuable than ever and the potential seemed limitless.

May 24, 2017 at 8:00 AM Pacific Standard Time (GMT 16:00)

Yet planners and buyers that interact with MRP every day know that something is very wrong.  They may not be able to explain exactly why but they know that if they did exactly what MRP told them to do it would have disastrous consequences for their company and for their career.  So, constant, costly and error prone workarounds and adjustments are made.  Have we all been fooled?  Was the promise of MRP only a mirage? 


What if there was one fatal flaw in MRP that makes it completely incapable of conveying relevant information?  What if correcting this one fatal flaw allowed the promise of MRP to be attained?


SESSION 3: intro to Demand driven mrp (ddmrp)

May 24, 2017 at 10:00 AM Pacific Standard Time (GMT 18:00)

Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning is a formal multi-echelon planning and execution method to protect and promote the flow of relevant information through the establishment and management of strategically placed decoupling point stock buffers.  DDMRP combines some of the still relevant aspects of Material Requirements Planning (MRP) and Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP) with the pull and visibility emphases found in Lean and the Theory of Constraints and the variability reduction emphasis of Six Sigma.  These elements are successfully blended through key points of innovation in the DDMRP method.  DDMRP is the supply order generation and management engine of a Demand Driven Operating Model (DDOM).  DDMRP can best be summarized as...Position, Protect and Pull.


SESSION 4: Intro to the Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise (DDAE) Model

The Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise model is a management and operational model designed to enable enterprises to adapt to complex and volatile environments.  The model utilizes a constant system of innovation and feedback between three primary components; a Demand Driven Operating Model, Demand Driven S&OP and Adaptive S&OP.   A Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise focuses on the protection and promotion of the flow of relevant information and materials across the strategic (annual, quarterly, monthly) tactical (weekly and monthly) and operational (hourly, daily, and weekly) relevant ranges in order to drive sustained return on equity performance.  The DDAE Model will define how businesses survive and thrive in the future.


May 25, 2017 at 8:00 AM Pacific Standard Time (GMT 16:00)

SESSION 5: Intro to the Demand Driven Operating Model (DDOM)

A Demand Driven Operating Model (DDOM) is a supply order generation, operational scheduling and execution model utilizing actual demand in combination with strategic decoupling and control points and stock, time and capacity buffers in order to create a predictable and agile system that promotes and protects the flow of relevant information and materials within the operational relevant range (hourly, daily and weekly).  A DDOM’s key parameters are set through the Demand Driven Sales & Operations Planning (DDS&OP) process to meet the stated business and market objectives while minimizing working capital and expedite-related expenses.


May 26, 2017 at 8:00 AM Pacific Standard Time (GMT 16:00)

SESSION 6: aDapTIVE s&op

Adaptive S&OP is the strategic component of the Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise (DDAE) Model.  Adaptive S&OP is the integrated business process that provides management the ability to strategically define, direct and manage relevant information in the strategic relevant range and across the enterprise.  Market Driven Innovation is combined with Portfolio and New Activities, Demand, Supply and Financial strategies to create strategic information and requirements for tactical reconciliation and strategic projection to effectively create and drive adaptation.  This one hour webinar will overview the seven basic steps of Adaptive S&OP.


May 26, 2017 at 10:00 AM Pacific Standard Time (GMT 18:00)

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