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"Demand Driven Technologies is a true pioneer in this space.  They were instrumental in defining what became Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP)."

Carol Ptak, Co-Founder DDI

"B2Wise has understood from the beginning the change management and people side of what it takes to implement and sustain Demand Driven methods."

Chad Smith, Co-Founder DDI

About Demand Driven World™

The Demand Driven World™ conferences by the Demand Driven Institute (DDI) are the leading Demand Driven events in the world.  Featuring thought leaders from around the globe participants hear the results, latest research and cutting edge ideas in the Demand Driven space.  DDI's emphasis on pragmatic education and "thoughtware" makes the event focused on moving people and organizations forward accounting for their unique circumstances and environments.  2020 will feature three Demand Driven World™ conference; Americas, Africa and Europe.  Each conference will feature 30+ sessions, including eight case studies from industry leaders.  Bring a team and learn how your organization can become a Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise.


Pre-Conference Sessions

Demand Driven World 2020 will feature unique Pre-Conference sessions designed for in-depth immersion into demand driven concepts.  More sessions to be added shortly.

Demand Driven Planner (DDP) - March 24 & 25

The Demand Driven Planner (DDP)™ program is designed for planning, purchasing and supply chain personnel responsible for implementing and maintaining a DDMRP implementation.  Designed by the leading authorities on DDMRP at the Demand Driven Institute, the Demand Driven Planner program is comprised of 13 modules of in-depth DDMRP education. The DDP program is THE official preparatory course for the Demand Driven Planner Professional (DDPP)™ certification exam. This is a two day program.  Learn more about the DDP program. $1,095.00 per person.

A Demand Driven S&OP Experience by TFC (A Serious Game) - March 24

This one-day unique Demand Driven S&OP Experience workshop will allow you and your team to experience and test implementing DDMRP buffers in a simulated environment powered by The Fresh Connection (TFC).  The workshop discusses the broad concepts of the Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP) buffer methodology, practices decision-making and participants experience the positive impact of buffer implementation in a risk-free environment. The workshop then follows an S&OP process to discover how implementing buffers in a budget constrained environment, typical of the real-world, can still deliver high service level expectations. This, while systematically reducing inventory investment AND achieving an expected Return on Investment. The experience provides a platform for organizational change management, builds confidence for your DDMRP implementation project and is relevant for leadership and/or operational staff.   This workshop is co-branded and fully endorsed by the Demand Driven Institute.  Learn more about this experience. $600.00 per person.

DDBrix - A Leading Management Game to Discover and Deploy DDMRP - March 24 (English)

Play with Lego to see first-hand how DDMRP buffers optimize the flow of both materials and information. Observe how demand-driven planning and execution will increase order fulfillment, stabilize production, reduce working capital and alleviate stress.  Involve people from Finance, Marketing, Sales, Production, Planning and Quality to start breaking down silos, promoting teamwork and getting everyone in the company thinking about FLOW and DDMRP.  Refresh your existing knowledge of DDMRP while playing and having fun!  Download the DDBrix brochure. $400.00 (USD) per person.

DDBrix - Un Juego de Gestión Líder para Descubrir e Implementar DDMRP - 25 de Marzo (Español)

Juegue con Lego para ver de primera mano cómo los amortiguadores DDMRP optimizan el flujo de materiales e información. Observe cómo la planificación y ejecución impulsadas por la demanda aumentará el cumplimiento de órdenes, estabilizará la producción, reducirá el capital de trabajo y aliviará el estrés. Involucre a personas de Finanzas, Mercadeo, Ventas, Producción, Planificación y Calidad para comenzar a romper silos, promover el trabajo en equipo y hacer que todos en la empresa piensen en FLOW y DDMRP. ¡Actualiza tu conocimiento actual de DDMRP mientras juegas y te diviertes! Descargue el folleto DDBrix. $ 400.00 (USD) por persona.

Adaptive S&OP - March 25

This immersive one day workshop led by Dick Ling and Carol Ptak will expose senior leadership to:

  • The basic history of S&OP and its primary objectives

  • The prerequisites of relevant information in order to put a company on a path of growth

  • The inability and failure of conventional approaches to produce relevant information

  • An organizational framework called the Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise Model

  • The seven elements of Adaptive S&OP

  • How to begin to implement the DDAE Model


This seminar is designed for executive teams looking to dramatically change the trajectory of their organization and overhaul the way the business connects strategy to operations and operations to strategy. $800.00 per person.

2020 Technology Innovation Summit - March 25, 6:30 - 8:00 PM

Join Houston APICS and the Demand Driven Institute for this event that includes presentations on emerging technologies, artificial intelligence and blockchain.  The Summit will take place immediately following the Welcome Reception.  Entrance to the Technology Innovation Summit is included in your Demand Driven World conference registration.



Dick Ling - "The Father of S&OP"

Kicking off Demand Driven World 2019 will be internationally recognized Sales and Operations Planning legend Dick Ling.  Dick is widely recognized as the creator of Sales and Operations Planning and internationally regarded as an educator, speaker and consultant. He coauthored the first book on Sales and Operations Planning.  Dick has recently come out of retirement to team with the Demand Driven Institute in developing the strategic component of the Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise model.  Hear Dick present on Adaptive Sales and Operations, one of the three primary components of the Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise (DDAE) Model.


Case Studies

Demand Driven World 2020 Americas will feature case studies from well known companies implementing Demand Driven methods.  All case studies will be done in general session.  Additional Case Studies to be added shortly.

Case study #1: Moog Aircraft Group

Over the past 60 years, Moog has developed a reputation throughout the world as a company whose people and products are at the forefront of the aerospace industry.  Over this period, Moog has expanded its capability base to become a leading supplier of integrated control actuation systems for civil and military aircraft.  Kim Jordan, AG DDMRP Implementation Leader, and Dan Rubach, Data Science & Manufacturing Analytics Leader, will share Moog's experiences with their maturing DDMRP implementation across their global supply chain.

Case Study #2: ArcelorMittal

ArcelorMittal is the largest producer of steel in North and South America, Africa and the EU.  Lucas Franciga, Manager for the Development of Logistic Processes at ArcelorMittal Long Steels will share ArcelorMittal's journey with DDMRP across a distribution network consisting of 75 distribution centers throughout Brazil.

Case Study #3: Shell Lubricants

Shell is the number one global lubricant supplier, delivering market-leading lubricants to consumers in over 100 countries.  Tammy Giesler-Hagans, 3rd Party Tolling Manager, E2E Performance, will share updates on the global implementation of DDMRP including how the method allowed them to overcome potentially crippling events.

Case Study #4: TBA

Case Study #5: TBA

Case Study #6: TBA

Case Study #7: TBA


Breakout Sessions

Demand Driven World 2020 will feature five categories of breakout sessions across five total breakout flights.

dEMAND DRIVEN Operations (tHE Demand Driven operating Model)

These sessions will be focused on the various aspects of the Demand Driven Operating Model and the management of the operational relevant range.  Learn more about the Demand Driven Operating Model at the DDI website. 


Precisely Wrong

Planners and buyers that interact with MRP every day know that something is very wrong.  They may not be able to explain exactly why but they know that if they did exactly what MRP told them to do it would have disastrous consequences for their company and for their career.  So, constant, costly and error prone workarounds and adjustments are made.  What if there was one fatal flaw in MRP that makes it completely incapable of conveying relevant information?  What if correcting this one fatal flaw allowed the promise of MRP to be attained?  Join Carol Ptak, co-founder of the Demand Driven Institute for this one hour exploration.

Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning

Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning is a formal multi-echelon planning and execution method to protect and promote the flow of relevant information through the establishment and management of strategically placed decoupling point stock buffers.  DDMRP combines some of the still relevant aspects of Material Requirements Planning (MRP) and Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP) with the pull and visibility emphases found in Lean and the Theory of Constraints and the variability reduction emphasis of Six Sigma.  These elements are successfully blended through key points of innovation in the DDMRP method.  DDMRP is the supply order generation and management engine of a Demand Driven Operating Model (DDOM).  DDMRP can best be summarized as position, protect, pull and adapt.  Join DDI Master Instructor Keith Launchbury for this informative session. 

Demand Driven Scheduling and Execution

DDI Master Instructor Roberta McPhail will lead an exploration of a crucial aspect of the Demand Driven Operating Model.  Participants will discover the full DDOM beyond DDMRP and learn about control points, their placement and scheduling as well as managing time and capacity buffers.

Some Considerations For Starting Your Demand Driven Operating Model Implementation

You have learned what DDMRP and the Demand Driven Operating Model is all about; now where to start?  This session featuring Carol Ptak and Chad Smith from the Demand Driven Institute will provide key insights about how to get started safely, quickly and effectively.

Demand Driven MRP for Retail Environments

David Poveda, Founder of Flowing Consultoria and DDI Master Instructor will share his thought leadership and experience in applying DDMRP to the retail space.

dEMAND dRIVEN Tactics (Demand Driven S&OP)

These sessions will be focused on the various aspects of tactical reconciliation in Demand Driven S&OP and the management of the tactical relevant range.  Learn more about the Demand Driven Sales & Operations Planning at the DDI website.  Additional sessions to be added.

Demand Driven Sales & Operations Planning (DDS&OP)

Demand Driven Sales & Operations Planning is one of the three major components of the Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise (DDAE) Model.  It is the tactical hub where operations and strategy influence each other.  John Melbye, DDI Master Instructor, will share the six basic attributes of Demand Driven S&OP.

The Nine Basic Assumptions of the Demand Driven Operating Model

The conceptual foundations and underlying assumptions of the Demand Driven Operating Model will be on display in this session led by DDI co-founder Chad Smith.

Sifting Relevant Demand Driven Information from the Data Ocean

A critical principle in the Demand Driven methodologies is the use of relevant information within relevant ranges. By focusing on what is relevant we simplify the task of  unlocking the substantial improvements that can be achieved in our supply chain performance through Demand Driven tactics and technology. Harvested from implementations over the past eight years, this presentation will provide the audience with  insights into determining what is relevant to their demand driven implementation.  Erik Bush, CEO of Demand Driven Technologies, will present.

Demand Driven Strategy (tHE sTRATEGIC rELEVANT RANGE)

These sessions will be focused on the strategic aspects and foundational principles of the Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise.  Learn more about Adaptive Sales & Operations Planning at the DDI website.  More sessions to be added shortly.

The Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise

Join thought leader Chad Smitn on an exploration of the Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise (DDAE) model.  The Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise (DDAE) model is a management model enabling enterprises to sense market changes, adapt to complex and volatile environments, and develop market driven innovation strategies.  It combines the fundamental principles of flow management with the emerging new science of complex adaptive systems (CAS).  The DDAE model spans the operational, tactical, and strategic ranges of an organization through its three primary components: a Demand Driven Operating Model, Demand Driven Sales & Operations Planning, and Adaptive Sales & Operations Planning.   The model utilizes tactical and adaptive cycles to continuously adapt to the complex, changing, and volatile supply chain circumstances in existence today. 

Getting Your Company Ready for Adaptive S&OP

Adaptive S&OP is one of three major components of the Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise (DDAE) Model.  Learn about the eight starting assumptions of Adaptive S&OP and which assumptions companies often need the most help with.  Debra Smith, Managing Partner of Constraints Management Group will present.

Adaptive Systemic Thinking

Today the very survival of an organization is subject to its ability to drive innovation and adaptation.  Innovation and adaptation is driven by identifying and overcoming obstacles and risks to the system's ability to manage, grow and sustain flow, many of which often remain hidden under the surface and obscured from view.  If an organization's people can’t think systemically then that organization is blind to conflicts and distortions to relevant information at the systemic level.  That means your organization is INCAPABLE of thinking and adapting for FLOW.  Chad Smith, Demand Driven thought leader and co-founder of the Demand Driven Institute will provide an overview of a pragmatic and proven strategic problem solving process to install the right thoughtware into your organization.

The Search for a Deeper Truth – Why Flow Beats Cost at the Bottom Line

Join Demand Driven thought leader Debra Smith for a critical exploration of the fundamental shift from cost-centric to flow-centric management that must occur in organizations to make a Demand Driven transformation occur.  This session is a must for senior managers.

Sesiones en español

¡Todas las sesiones se llevarán a cabo en español!  Los temas de las sesiones se agregarán en breve.

Una introducción al modelo de empresa adaptativa demand driven

Únase al DDI Master Instructor Alfonso Navarro en esta exploración del modelo de empresa adaptativa demand driven (DDAE), el cual es un modelo de gestión que permite a las empresas identificar los cambios en el mercado, adaptarse a entornos de negocio complejos y volátiles y desarrollar estrategias de innovación orientadas por el mercado, combinando los principios fundamentales de la gestión del flujo con la nueva ciencia emergente de los sistemas complejos adaptativos (CAS). El modelo DDAE abarca los rangos estratégico, táctico y operacional de una organización a traves de sus 3 componentes (S&OP adaptativa, Demand Driven S&OP y el modelo de operaciones Demand Driven) y usa ciclos adaptativos y tácticos para adaptarse continuamente a las condiciones cambiantes, complejas y variables que enfrentan las cadenas de suministro de hoy en día.

Planeación de requerimientos de materiales basados en la demanda (DDMRP)

La Planeación de Requerimientos  de Materiales basados en la demanda DDMRP es un método formal de Planeación y ejecución  multinivel la cual nos ayuda a proteger y promover el flujo de información  y material relevante a través del establecimiento y la administración de buffers estratégicos de inventario, estos puntos de desacoplamiento son estratégicamente posicionados. DDMRP combina las fortalezas de Planeación de Requerimientos de Materiales tradicional (MRP) y de la Planeación de requerimientos de distribución (DRP),  con la visibilidad y esquema pull que se tiene Lean y teoría de restricciones (TOC), así como la fortaleza de Six Sigma en reducción de variabilidad.  Todos estos elementos se mezclan con éxito a través de conceptos clave de innovación del método DDMRP.  DDMRP es el motor de generación y administración de pedidos de suministro, el cual es parte de un modelo operativo controlado por demanda (DDOM). El DDMRP se puede resumir  en posicionar, proteger y jalar materiales e información relevante. Este tema será presentado por el instructor del DDI Gustavo Benítez.

Demand Driven Scheduling and Execution (Programación y Ejecución)​

Únase al instructor de DDI, Juan Camilo Trujillo, de WA Solutions, para explorar un aspecto crucial del Modelo Operativo Demand Driven (DDOM). Los participantes descubrirán el DDOM completo más allá del DDMRP y aprenderán acerca de los puntos de control, su ubicación y programación, así como la gestión de los buffer de tiempo y capacidad.​

Demand Driven Sales & Operations Planning (DDS&OP)

La Planificación de Ventas y Operaciones Demand Driven (DDS&OP) es uno de los tres componentes más importantes del modelo de. Empresa Adaptativa Demand Driven (DDAE). Bruno Acosta y Alex Donoso, compartirán los seis atributos básicos del Demand Driven S&OP.

DDMRP en retail

David Poveda, fundador de Flowing Consultoria y Master Instructor del DDI compartirá su liderazgo en el conocimiento y experiencia en la aplicación de DDMRP en ambients de retail.


Solution provider breakout

Demand Driven World 2020 Americas will feature a solution provider breakout track in which solution providers have an opportunity to showcase what they can do for companies interested in implementing Demand Driven methods.  This provides organizations an excellent way to quickly compare, contrast and find the right fit for their situation!  Companies participating in the solution provider track TBD.

Demand Driven Technologies

Demand Driven Technologies was the pioneer in Demand Driven software applications and continues its markets leadership with hundreds of installs around the world.  With deep Demand Driven solutions in the DDMRP space as well as Demand Driven Scheduling and Execution tools Demand Driven Technologies can make the Demand Driven Operating Model (DDOM) a reality in your business. Website: www.demanddriventech.com


The Demand Driven Institute

With affiliatescompliant software alliances and instructors throughout the world we are changing the way businesses plan, operate, think and evolve.  DDI offer a variety of educational products designed to help companies explore, validate and implement demand driven methods.  Additionally, we offer professional endorsement certificates that validate individual's capabilities with regard demand driven principles.  Learn how your company can use these products and endorsements to drive a demand driven transformation.  Carol Ptak and Chad Smith will present.

Website: www.demanddriveninstitute.com

B2Wise - The Four Key Innovations of B2Wise

B2Wise is a pure DDMRP software, consulting and training company with offices in the USA, UK, France and South Africa. The B2Wise management team include both methodology and software experts with over 20 years’ experience. B2Wise’s vision is to enable its clients to turn their supply chain planning function into a competitive weapon using DDMRP. As education is key, B2Wise also owns the rights to DDBRIX, a Lego based management game that demonstrates how DDMRP stabilises production, reduces stress and enhances the flow of information and material. In 2018, B2Wise won the prestigious ‘King of Supply Chain’ award in France for a DDMRP project.

Website: www.b2wise.com


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Conference Location

Demand Driven World 2020 Americas will be held Houston, Texas at the Hilton Houston Galleria Area.

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