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Demand Driven World 2024 promises to be the biggest and most immersive Demand Driven World to date! After five years it is back and features nine case studies, 25 breakout sessions and five special preconference sessions.



Demand Driven World 2024 is cohosted by:




Demand Driven Technologies was the pioneer in Demand Driven software applications and continues its markets leadership with hundreds of installs around the world.  With deep Demand Driven solutions in the DDMRP space as well as Demand Driven Scheduling and Execution and Demand Driven S&OP tools Demand Driven Technologies can make the Demand Driven Operating Model (DDOM) a reality in your business.


B2Wise is a pure DDMRP software, consulting and training company with offices in the USA, UK, France and South Africa. The B2Wise management team include both methodology and software experts with over 20 years’ experience. B2Wise’s vision is to enable its clients to turn their supply chain planning function into a competitive weapon using DDMRP. As education is key, B2Wise also developed DDBRIX, a Lego based management game that demonstrates how DDMRP stabilizes production, reduces stress and enhances the flow of information and material.


A pioneer in simulation and trusted by thousands of users over the past 15 years, Simio is committed to continuous innovation and delivering solutions designed to meet the challenging requirements of complex supply chains and manufacturing environments. Simio’s state-of-the-art simulation-based digital twin technology is architected to use a single detailed constraint model of your process to provide comprehensive support for DDMRP, detailed scheduling, and process optimization. One of the key advantages of a digital twin implementation powered by Simio is the tight integration with other enterprise systems such as ERPs, MESs, planning applications, IoT devices, and structured data sources (databases, data warehouses & data lakes). This enables the Simio digital twin model to be generated and driven through current (near real-time) data – making it extremely accurate and effortless to maintain when changes occur in your environment. To learn more about Simio’s digital twin for supply chain planning, manufacturing scheduling, and process optimization, visit us at


Since 1998, Omega has partnered with companies to drive digital innovation in processes and achieve business objectives. With extensive experience garnered from over a hundred projects focused on Supply Chain Management and Demand-Driven Planning suite applications, Omega has emerged as a national leader for companies seeking to enhance their performance and tackle the challenges of the VUCA world.



Preconference: October 15 & 16

Main Conference: October 17 & 18


House of Logistics and Mobility (HOLM).

Bessie-Coleman-Straße 7, 60549

Frankfurt am Main






Demand Driven Distribution (DDD) - OCTOBER 15 & 16

The Demand Driven Distribution (DDD)™ program is designed for planning, purchasing and supply chain personnel responsible for implementing and maintaining a Demand Driven Distribution Requirements Planning (DDDRP) implementation.  Designed by the leading authorities on DDMRP/DDDRP at the Demand Driven Institute, the Demand Driven Distribution program is comprised of eleven modules of in-depth DDDRP education. The DDD Program is THE official preparatory course for the Demand Driven Distribution Professional (DDDP)™ certification exam.

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Adaptive Enterprise Foundations (AEF) - OCTOBER 15 & 16

The Adaptive Enterprise Foundations (AEF) program is designed to introduce individuals working in all areas to the components which are necessary to making an organization truly adaptive.  An “adaptive” organization is able to quickly and dynamically adjust its structure and behavior to the changing state and exigences of its environment in the short term (operational) as well as in the long term (strategic). Being adaptive is a necessary condition for survival of an organization and more so for its lasting success in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment.  The AEF Program is THE official preparatory course for the Adaptive Enterprise Foundations Professional (AEFP)™ certification test.



Play with Lego to see first-hand how DDMRP/DDDRP buffers optimize the flow of both materials and information. Observe how demand-driven planning and execution will increase order fulfillment, stabilize production, reduce working capital and alleviate stress.  Involve people from Finance, Marketing, Sales, Production, Planning and Quality to start breaking down silos, promoting teamwork and getting everyone in the company thinking about FLOW and DDMRP.  Refresh your existing knowledge of DDMRP while playing and having fun!  Programs for Universities are available!  Download the DDBrix brochure.


A Demand Driven S&OP Experience by The Fresh Connection

This one-day unique Demand Driven S&OP Experience workshop will allow you and your team to experience and test implementing DDMRP buffers in a simulated environment powered by The Fresh Connection (TFC).  The workshop discusses the broad concepts of the Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP) buffer methodology, practices decision-making and participants experience the positive impact of buffer implementation in a risk-free environment. The workshop then follows an S&OP process to discover how implementing buffers in a budget constrained environment, typical of the real-world, can still deliver high service level expectations. This, while systematically reducing inventory investment AND achieving an expected Return on Investment. The experience provides a platform for organizational change management, builds confidence for your DDMRP implementation project and is relevant for leadership and/or operational staff.  


The Demand Driven Skills Model

A lack of alignment in a company's skill bases can slow down or even stop flow. The Demand Driven Skills Model (DDSM) enables a company to decide where to locate and how to size skill buffers based on the Demand Driven logic and depending on desired strategic priorities. It gives visibility on the multi-skills of all employees, including top management, and values those that promote and protect flow and accelerate ROI. The DDSM encourages the effective management of human capital through the transmission of knowledge, continuous improvement of products and processes, and integration of innovations in the Demand Driven Operating Model.



Demand Driven World 2024 will feature NINE GENERAL SESSION CASE STUDIES! Check back frequently for updates.

The remaining content will be delivered via FIVE breakout focus tracts.  The below sessions are the currently planned sessions but are subject to change.  Content should be finalized by May 1, 2024.

Practitioner Basics Focus – These sessions are for planning, scheduling and supply chain management personnel that are new to the operational components of Demand Driven methodology.

  • The Demand Driven Operating Model (DDOM)

  • Intro to Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP)

  • Intro to Demand Driven Distribution Requirements Planning (DDDRP)

  • Intro to Demand Driven Scheduling & Execution

  • Intro to Demand Driven Sales & Operations Planning (DDS&OP)

Practitioner Advanced Focus – These sessions are for planning, scheduling and supply chain management personnel that have experience in the application of the operational components of the Demand Driven methodology. The emphasis of these sessions is to build on that existing knowledge and experience.

  • The Role of Forecasting in Demand Driven

  • Beyond DDMRP – Driving to the Next Stages of a Demand Driven Implementation

  • Connecting Demand Driven to the Retail Level

  • Demand Driven Applied to Copmplex Engineer to Order Environments

  • Understanding the DDAE Metric Suite

Advanced Technology and People Focus – These sessions are for personnel at all levels that want to understand some of the newest developments and trends in supply chain management and how they intersect and or integrate with the Demand Driven methodology.

  • Probabilistic Forecasting and Demand Driven

  • Digital Twins and Their Ability to Help Drive Adaptation

  • The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Demand Driven

  • The Demand Driven Skills Model (Buffering Your Human Capital)

Leadership Focus – These sessions are for tactical and strategic management personnel that are looking to understand how the Demand Driven methodology impacts organizational planning and metrics as well as its value proposition to the market.

  • The Key for Resilience in the VUCA World

  • Tips for Large Scale Demand Driven Roll-Outs

  • Adaptive Sales & Operations Planning

  • Adaptive Systemic Thinking

Solution Provider Focus – These sessions allow attendees to learn more about the products, services, and success stories of our 2024 Platinum and Gold sponsors.


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