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Demand Driven World™ 2018 Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery
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About Demand Driven World™

The annual Demand Driven World™ Conference by the Demand Driven Institute (DDI) is the leading Demand Driven event in the world.  Featuring thought leaders from around the globe participants will hear the results, latest research and cutting edge ideas in the Demand Driven space.  DDI's emphasis on pragmatic education and "thoughtware" makes the event focused on moving people and organizations forward accounting for their unique circumstances and environments.  With 39 available sessions, including seven case studies from industry leaders, Demand Driven World™ 2018 will be the largest Demand Driven World™ ever.  Bring a team and learn how your organization can become a Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise.

Demand Driven World 2018 is hosted by:

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Day 1 Keynote: Improving a Digitalization Strategy with Demand Driven

Franz Hero, SVP Supply Chain and Logistics Development, SAP

The promise of “Big Data”, “Digitalization”, and “Industry 4.0” are dominating many discussions inside companies and across supply chains.    These are important breakthroughs but we should not simply turbocharge our existing processes with these new technologies.    Better and faster access to more data will not live up to its potential unless we fundamentally challenge the rules by which current organizations and supply chains actually convert that data to information and actions.  As such, the Demand Driven methodology shows tremendous potential to help realize the promise of any digitalization.


Day 2 Keynote: Adaptive Sales and Operations Planning

Dick Ling, "The Father of S&OP"

Kicking off Day 2 will be internationally recognized Sales and Operations Planning legend Dick Ling.  Dick is widely recognized as the creator of Sales and Operations Planning and internationally regarded as an educator, speaker and consultant. He coauthored the first book on Sales and Operations Planning.  Dick has recently come out of retirement to team with the Demand Driven Institute in developing the strategic component of the Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise model.  Hear Dick present on Adaptive Sales and Operations.  Adaptive Sales and Operations Planning is the integrated business process that provides management the ability to strategically define, direct and manage relevant information in the strategic relevant range and across the enterprise.  Market Driven Innovation is combined with Operations Strategy, Go-to-Market Strategy and Financial Strategy to create strategic information and requirements for tactical reconciliation and strategic projection to effectively create and drive adaptation.

Case Studies

Case Studies

Demand Driven World 2018 will feature seven cases studies from well known companies implementing Demand Driven methods.  All case studies will be done in general session.  Check back regularly to see the updates!


Shell is the number one global lubricant supplier, delivering market-leading lubricants to consumers in over 100 countries.  Nick Lynch, Global Planning Excellence Manager, will present Shell's incredible Demand Driven journey to date.  Hear about the incredible results from one of the largest Demand Driven implementations ever.

MOOG Aircraft group

Over the past 60 years, Moog has developed a reputation throughout the world as a company whose people and products are at the forefront of the aerospace industry.  Over this period, Moog has expanded its capability base to become a leading supplier of integrated control actuation systems for civil and military aircraft.  A group led by Kim Jordan, AG DDMRP Implementation Leader, will share Moog's experiences implementing DDMRP across their global supply chain.

BSH Hausgeräte GmbH

BSH Hausgeräte GmbH is one of the world's leading companies in the sector and the largest home appliance manufacturer in Europe. To be the first choice for consumers worldwide drives the company and its employees. BSH aspires to improve the quality of life for people with its exceptional brands, high-class products and superior solutions. Sebastian Peters, VP Global Demand and Supply Management will share the results of DDMRP pilots and the plans for roll-out.

Sebastian Peters.jpg

The cosmetics and beauty market is marked by higher and higher demand volatility, a strong pressure for lead-time reduction, and increasing renewal product rates. This trend is a challenge for the entire value chain. To face this situation, ALBEA has chosen to build an agile supply chain through the combination of lean and demand-driven initiatives. Hear the impact of DDMRP on this transformation.  Richard Nenan, Supply Chain Continuous Improvement Manager will present.

Richard Nenan.jfif

Hear how this Russian steel company has implemented DDMRP in one of its largest sites.  Sergey Liharev, VP Logistics and member of the board will present.

stemcell technologies

Stemcell Technologies is a privately-owned biotechnology company that develops specialty cell culture media, cell separation products and ancillary reagents for life science research. Driven by science and a passion for quality, Stemcell delivers over 1500 products to more than 70 countries worldwide.  Hear how DDMRP and DDOM have transformed their global supply chain.  Barry Katz, Director - Planning, Inventory, Logistics and Customer Service will present.

Barry Katz.jfif

BioMérieux has been a global leader for in vitro diagnostics for more than 50 years.  Today, in more than 150 countries through 43 subsidiaries and a large network of distributors, bioMérieux provides diagnostic solutions that improve patient health and ensure consumer safety.  Hear how DDMRP is evolving their instruments and spares value chain by bringing new and immediate insights, and represents a true Change Management ride.  Sonia Richard, Head of upstream​ Supply Chain will present.

Breakout Sessions

Breakout Sessions

Demand Driven World 2018 will feature three categories of breakout sessions across five total breakout flights.  Some sessions will be repeated in order to de-conflict the schedule for participants.

dEMAND DRIVEN Operations (tHE Demand Driven operating Model)

These sessions will be focused on the various aspects of the Demand Driven Operating Model and the management of the operational relevant range.  Learn more about the Demand Driven Operating Model at the DDI website.

Precisely Wrong - Why Conventional Planning Fails

At the heart of most supply chains lies a planning tool called Material Requirements Planning (MRP).  Invented in the 1950s, codified in the 1960s and commercialized in the 1970s MRP became THE way of life for supply order generation and synchronization.  Yet planners and buyers that interact with MRP every day know that something is very wrong.  They may not be able to explain exactly why but they know that if they did exactly what MRP told them to do it would have disastrous consequences for their company and for their career.  So, constant, costly and error prone workarounds and adjustments are made.  Have we all been fooled?  Was the promise of MRP only a mirage?  What if there was one fatal flaw in MRP that makes it completely incapable of conveying relevant information?  What if correcting this one fatal flaw allowed the promise of MRP to be attained? Join Carol Ptak, Demand Driven thought leader and co-founder of the Demand Driven Institute for the answers to these compelling questions.


The Demand Driven Operating Model

Join Dr. Patrick Rigoni, Founding Partner at SmartChain for an exploration of the Demand Driven Operating Model.  A Demand Driven Operating Model (DDOM) is a supply order generation, operational scheduling and execution model utilizing actual demand in combination with strategic decoupling and control points and stock, time and capacity buffers in order to create a predictable and agile system that promotes and protects the flow of relevant information and materials within the operational relevant range (hourly, daily and weekly).  The Demand Driven Operating Model included Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning, Demand Driven Capacity Scheduling and Demand Driven Execution. 


Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP)

Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning is a formal multi-echelon planning and execution method to protect and promote the flow of relevant information through the establishment and management of strategically placed decoupling point stock buffers.  DDMRP combines some of the still relevant aspects of Material Requirements Planning (MRP) and Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP) with the pull and visibility emphases found in Lean and the Theory of Constraints and the variability reduction emphasis of Six Sigma.  These elements are successfully blended through key points of innovation in the DDMRP method.  DDMRP is the supply order generation and management engine of a Demand Driven Operating Model (DDOM).  DDMRP can best be summarized as position, protect and pull.  Bernard Milian, Demand Driven Adaptive Consultant at Agilea will present.

Demand Driven Capacity Scheduling and Execution

Join Christoph Lenhartz, Managing Director of Catena Strategies and DDI Master Instructor for an exploration of a crucial aspect of a Demand Driven Operating Model.  Participants will discover the full DDOM beyond MRP and learn about control points, their placement and scheduling as well as managing time and capacity buffers.

The Four Stages of DDMRP Implementation

Kevin Boake, Founder of B2Wise and Endorsed DDI Instructor, will share the four basic stages of implementing DDMRP.  If you are serious about implementing DDMRP this is a must see session for you.


Demand Driven MRP for Retail Environments

David Poveda, Founder of Flowing Consultoria and DDI Master Instructor will share his thought leadership and experience in applying DDMRP to retail space.


Simulating DDMRP Performance against Kanban and MRP II

Dr. Romain Miclo will share groundbreaking PhD research on the results of simulations comparing the head to head performance of DDMRP, Kanban and MRP II.

dEMAND dRIVEN Tactics (Demand Driven S&OP)

These sessions will be focused on the various aspects of tactical reconciliation in Demand Driven S&OP and the management of the tactical relevant range.  Learn more about the Demand Driven Sales & Operations Planning at the DDI website.

The Basics of Demand Driven Sales & Operations Planning

Demand Driven Sales & Operations Planning is one of the three major components of the Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise Model.  Anthony Fouque, DDI Endorsed Instructor and Consultant with Agilea, will share the six basic attributes of Demand Driven S&OP.


Advanced DDMRP Buffer Techniques

Erik Bush, CEO of Demand Driven Technologies, will share the latest insights into evolving and sustaining DDMRP buffers in a Demand Driven Operating Model implementation.


Adapting the Demand Driven Operating Model

Once a DDOM is stable, the next objective is to become proficient at generating the relevant information and developing the discipline, work practices and policies to leverage the DDOM capability across the enterprise and the supply chain.  Moving to Stage 4 DDAE status requires routine model updates to capture “lessons learned” and improvements gained. Debra Smith, author of Demand Driven Performance and internationally recognized expert in the fields of Management Accounting, Theory of Constraints and Demand Driven, shares leading edge insights and experiences over the last 15 years on sustaining and improving Demand Driven implementations.


The Demand Driven Operating Model – A Competitive Weapon

Join Debra Smith, author of Demand Driven Performance and internationally recognized expert in the fields of Management Accounting, Theory of Constraints and Demand Driven, while she shares her insights and practical experience on making a Demand Driven Operating Model a competitive weapon. DDOM is the heart of Tactical DDS&OP and provides metrics to drive decisions for both the immediate operational time frame and the tactical time frame.  Learn how the increased visibility and focus of a DDOM is used to both align market strategy and identify profit exploitation opportunities.  


Integrating Strategy into the Demand Driven Operating Model

Join Mike Lipton, Vice President, Supply Chain Industry Business Solutions at SAP as he discusses the importance of and mechanisms available to blend an organization’s emerging strategies into a Demand Driven Operating Model.

Reflections from the Inside a Demand Driven Implementation

Brian Dooley, formerly of British Telecom, will reflect on his 2.5 years adopting Demand Driven in the British telecommunications giant.  Lessons learnt, the change management challenge, maintaining momentum after the initial euphoria from DDMRP successes, developing the DDS&OP process, the thoughtware challenge in a large corporate environment are all topics to be discussed and shared.

Demand Driven Strategy (tHE sTRATEGIC rELEVANT RANGE)

These sessions will be focused on the strategic aspects and foundational principles of the Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise.  Learn more about Adaptive Sales & Operations Planning at the DDI website.

The Search for a Deeper Truth - Why Flow Beats Cost at the Bottom Line

So much of what we do in industry is driven by the belief that unit cost has a direct connection to return on investment.  This universal belief dominates board room discussions, management focus, daily actions and reporting metrics. What if we have all been fooled?  Join Debra Smith, author of Demand Driven Performance and internationally recognized expert in the fields of Management Accounting, Theory of Constraints and Demand Driven, as she exposes the “bad math” and history of unit cost.  This has replaced and obscured relevant information, and drives tactics and actions that destroy flow and inhibit return on investment.


The Science Behind Flow

There is plenty of case study evidence that the Demand Driven approach to supply chain management delivers significantly superior performance compared to the ubiquitous MRP/ERP/APS approaches - in all replenishment configurations be they MTS, MTO, ATO etc.  But why do these results consistently happen?  Simon Eagle, Partner at Camelot Management Consultants and Endorsed DDI Instructor will explore the basic and undeniable science behind the Demand Driven approach.


An Overview of Adaptive Systemic Thinking

Today the very survival of an organization is subject to its ability to drive innovation and adaptation.  Innovation and adaptation is driven by identifying and overcoming obstacles and risks to the system's ability to manage, grow and sustain flow, many of which often remain hidden under the surface and obscured from view.  If an organization's people can’t think systemically then that organization is blind to conflicts and distortions to relevant information at the systemic level.  That means your organization is INCAPABLE of thinking and adapting for FLOW.  Carol Ptak, Demand Driven thought leader and co-founder of the Demand Driven Institute will provide an overview of a pragmatic and proven strategic problem solving process to install the right thoughtware into your organization.


The Five Stages of the Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise Model

Becoming Demand Driven does not happen overnight for an organization; there is a path and a progression that must occur.  Carol Ptak, Demand Driven thought leader and co-founder of the Demand Driven Institute will reveal and describe each step of the path to become and sustain a Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise.


Buffering Your Organization's Skill and Talent Base

Much has been written about stock, time and capacity buffers in the Demand Driven methodology, but what about the people and skills that it takes to maintain and sustain a Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise?  Thought leader and author Caroline Mondon will present a continuous learning path that makes change visible and valuable for your organization’s most important assets; its human capital.

Solution Provider Tract

Solution Provider Tract

Demand Driven World 2018 will feature a solution provider tract in which companies have an opportunity to showcase what they can do companies interested in implementing Demand Driven methods.  This provides organizations an excellent way to quickly compare, contrast and find the right fit for their situation!  Companies participating in the solution provider tract include:

Session #1: smartchain

The idea of SmartChain was born out of operations professionals with a creative and entrepreneurial streak - confident to think differently and act decisively. Established in 2013, our team have many years of industry, operations and consulting experience with an outstanding track records of delivering successful change. We tailor our consulting style and approach to our clients specific requirements, uniquely setting us apart from many of the big name consultancies who religiously follow the book to the letter.

Website: Contact email: Patrick Rigoni

Session #2: camelot Consulting group

Implementing the Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise Model with an AI-enabled SAP-based Solution

CAMELOT Group is the globally leading specialist for integrated value chain consulting. For the Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise world, CAMELOT Group provides a unique end-to-end portfolio of services from strategy development to system implementation – through two specialized firms: CAMELOT Management Consultants contributes to Demand Driven thought leadership, strategy, organizational and process consulting whereas Camelot ITLab division complements this offering by a DDMRP compliant and SAP certified software solution. CAMELOT Group has 1,700+ employees worldwide and is headquartered in Mannheim, Germany.  Patrick Wolf will present.  Camelot Management Consultants: Contact: Camelot Info

Session #3: orchestr8

From Aspiration to Action – Demand Driven Software for a Flow-Managed Business

To achieve higher levels on a Demand Driven Maturity Path will require pragmatic and relevant Sales and Marketing alignment. ‘Demand Manager’ software from Orchestr8 is in development, with the goal of enabling ‘Driving Demand’ by Sales and Marketing.  It will provide the relevant level of projection accuracy needed for Demand Driven buffers as input to the proven Supply Planner software.  It will go beyond that in it will support market-based decision making and action. There are two key drivers in the Demand Manager design: the real-world reality that major companies have multiple markets they serve and secondly that decision-making cadence, or beat, differs in those markets. With the arrival of Orchestr8 Demand Manager businesses will now have the enabling platform for Sales, Marketing and Production to Segment by Demand and Manage by Priority.  Progression along a Demand Driven Maturity Path to Integrated Planning will have one software platform from Sales through Marketing to Production.  Software for businesses to be Demand Driven and to Drive Demand. 

Website:  Contact: Philip Ribbins

Session #4: demand driven technologies

Demand Driven Technologies was the pioneer in Demand Driven software applications and continues its markets leadership with hundreds of installs around the world.  With deep Demand Driven solutions in the DDMRP space as well as Demand Driven Scheduling and Execution tools Demand Driven Technologies can make the Demand Driven Operating Model (DDOM) a reality in your business. Website:  Contact: Erik Bush

Session #5: b2wise

B2Wise is a pure DDMRP software, consulting and training company with offices in the USA, UK, France and South Africa. The B2Wise management team include both methodology and software experts with over 20 years’ experience. B2Wise’s vision is to enable its clients to turn their supply chain planning function into a competitive weapon using DDMRP. As education is key, B2Wise also owns the rights to DDBRIX TM, a Lego based management game that demonstrates how DDMRP stabilises production, reduces stress and enhances the flow of information and material. In 2018, B2Wise won the prestigious ‘King of Supply Chain’ award in France for a DDMRP project.  Website:  Contact: Kevin Boake

Conference Schedule

Conference Schedule

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2017 Demand Driven World Highlights

2017 Demand Driven World Highlights

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