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These 16 videos are from Demand Driven World 2017 in Lyon, France July 6-7, 2017.  The conference was part of a larger Fapics Conference at Ecole Centrale de Lyon.  Make sure you attend Demand Driven World 2018 (information available shortly).

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Case Study Videos

Case Study Videos (all videos in English)

NOTE: Case Study videos and presentations are available free of charge in the Demand Driven Institute Member Section.  To become a member, you first establish an account, reply to the confirmation email, log in and you will be automatically have access to these videos and presentations. Establish a DDI Member Account



Michelin has a six level integrated supply Chain from customer to supplier. In this context, decoupling point using DDMRP approach seems to be extremely powerful to cut bullwhip effect, reducing inventory and increase service and industrial performance​.

Thibaut d'Herouville will present.  He is currently in charge of the industrial supply chain for Michelin Group leading a transformation program including DDMRP concept.  He has been a Supply Chain Manager for different business units in Europe, Asia and North America.




Miba Bearings US is a specialist for high performance diesel and gas engines bearing applications and production.  Hear how about their journey in implementing a full Demand Driven Operating Model (DDOM) and Demand Driven S&OP and how they are leading the way as a model for replication throughout the global Miba Corporation.





SAMES-KREMLIN has set up a DDMRP pilot in spreadsheets on the Stains and Meylan sites, deploying the methodology on the entire activity (33000 sku - MTS / ATO / MTO / ETO environment) there. Impressive results have been achieved through this preliminary transformation without specialized tools.  DDMRP has proven itself and can now be optimized.




Brian Dooley, Senior Supply Chain Manager, will present a case study exploring BT’s implementation of DDMRP and its demand driven journey to date.  British Telecom started its demand driven journey in 2015, first with education, then a pilot, and now full scale enterprise roll out. Brian will share the journey to date looking at developing & implementing the pilot along with the results achieved through to scaling up to deliver on an enterprise level. He will also share how BT are developing their DDS&OP process and some of the lessons learnt along the way.




This leading Spanish aerospace supplier implemented  DDMRP and saw amazing results.  Manuel Castro of CMG Consultores takes the audience through the amazing transformation to this organization's planning and inventory management.



Distinguished Speaker Videos (all videos in English)

Dick Ling, CFPIM

Sales & Operations Planning: Back to the Future

S&OP was first identified and introduced in the mid-eighties. It has taken quite a while for it to become mainstream but that has finally happened. Now S&OP receives a significant opportunity for change and improvement by becoming Demand Driven. Dick will explain what the significance of this change is and how DDS&OP can enable a company to become a Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise (DDAE).

Dick led the introduction of Sales and Operations Planning process in the eighties. He wrote the first book on S&OP in 1988, “Orchestrating Success”. For over 30 years he has educated and helped companies successfully implement S&OP. His focus today is to work with the Demand Driven Institute to help them educate companies about how they can become a Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise.

Distinguished Speaker Videos

Carol Ptak, CFPIM, CIRM, Jonah, DDPP, DDLP

The Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise (DDAE)

The Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise Model is a management and operational model designed to enable enterprises to adapt to complex and volatile environments.  The model utilizes a constant system of innovation and feedback between three primary components; a Demand Driven Operating Model, Demand Driven S&OP and Adaptive S&OP.   A Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise focuses on the protection and promotion of the flow of relevant information and materials across the strategic and operational relevant ranges in order to drive sustained return on equity performance.

Carol Ptak is currently a partner with the Demand Driven Institute.  A leading authority in the use of ERP and Supply Chain tools to drive improved bottom line performance, Ms. Ptak's expertise is well grounded in four decades of practical experience as a successful practitioner, consultant and educator in manufacturing operations.

Simon Eagle, MSc, DDPP, DDLP, CMILT

Demand Driven Supply Change Management

Introducing Demand Driven MRP into a company is transformational in terms of performance but, perversely, not always easy to achieve as it is so different to traditional ways of working. In this presentation, Simon describes a proven and structured approach that guarantees success and helps accelerate the delivery of those benefits.

Simon has over 20 years of industry experience working in international supply chains covering planning, logistics and ERP implementations. He now works as a consultant, is a DDI instructor and the author of the recently published “Demand-Driven Supply Chain Management: transformational performance improvement” (Kogan-Page 2017)

Romain Miclo, PhD, DDPP, BSCM

Challenging DDMRP Promises - Comparison with MRP & Kanban

DDMRP is a recent and promising material management method. DDMRP promises are the ability to satisfy customer demands compared to well-known and widespread methods, which are MRP II and Kanban. To scientifically challenge these promises, variability sources are implemented on a case study in order to conclude on system behaviours and reliability through a Discrete Event Simulation approach.

Romain is an engineer and had recently a PhD on Industrial Management realised with AGILEA in collaboration with Mines Albi (Industrial Management Centre). The PhD focused on DDMRP and challenging the promises compared to MRP II and Kanban. He is now a AGILEA consultant on Supply Chain Management and a researcher on system agility and resilience issues.

Debra Smith, CPA, EMBA, TOCICO

At the Leading Edge of the Demand Driven Operating Model

Debra Smith will share the latest insights and developments of implementing and sustaining a Demand Driven Operating Models (DDOM).  Topics will include model definition, metrics, analytics and feedback loops.

Debra A. Smith is the co-founder and Managing Partner of Constraints Management Group (CMG).  Together with her partners (past and present), CMG is responsible for much of the development and practical application of the methodology, processes and original software development known as DDMRP and the Demand Driven Operating Model.  She has been a driving force in the development and application of flow-based metrics. Her clients span across all industries and five continents.  She is a recognized Thought Leader in management accounting, Theory of Constraints and Demand Driven methodologies and practice.  In 2001, she was elected to the founding board of TOCICO and served 7 years.  In 2016, TOCICO awarded her their Life Time Achievement Award.

Dr. Patrick Rigoni, DDPP, DDLP

Managing Discontinuous Demand

Not all demand patterns are regular and not all items are sold every day. When we have low frequency sales patterns where a majority of the days the demand is 0, then the ADU is much lower than the average sales orders. This has an impact on buffer calculation and how the Net Flow equations behaves. Patrick will propose an approach on how to modify the red zone and spike threshold calculations in order to generate a viable buffer for these particular items.

Patrick is one of the founding partners of SmartChain International. He has 15 years of process industry experience where he has fulfilled several roles - from floor manager and head of a manufacturing department to project leader of strategic supply chain projects. He is a certified Master Black Belt and Lean Assessor from Johnson & Johnson.

Patrick graduated in biochemistry and molecular biology at the Université de Fribourg, Switzerland.

Manuel Castro, DDPP,  Jonah

DDMRP Implementations in Spain and Portugal

CMG Consultores has been implementing DDMRP for the past 5 years in companies from Spain and Portugal. Shifting from the traditional MRP paradigm to Demand Driven has allowed DDMRP early adopters to improve their service levels, stock levels and distributions at the same time the expediting related cost have been dramatically reduced. Featured companies: SATUERCA, COASA, MICHELIN, COPRECI, INDAUX, OLI, IFAM

Manuel graduated from Industrial Engineering from Universidad de Vigo and attended Avraham Y. Goldratt Institute Academy (New Haven, USA), where he became an Expert in all of the TOC applications in 1996. He has been 20+ years assisting 100+ companies improve their bottom line results as Managing Partner at CMG Consultores. He became the first European CDDP and CMG Consultores the pioneer in DDMRP implementations in Europe.

Dr. Josef Packowski

Demand Driven SCM for SAP: A Step Change in Implementing the Demand-Driven Adaptive Enterprise Model

IT integration of Demand Driven MRP and Demand Driven Rhythm Wheel Planning does not require investments in completely new system landscapes. DDMRP for SAP enables companies to enter the Demand Driven World, leveraging existing SAP architectures. Learn how to become a Demand-Driven Adaptive Enterprise – based on DDMRP for SAP IBP, S/4HANA and SAP SCM.

Dr. Packowski founded the international CAMELOT Group in 1996 and evolved the company into the globally leading consulting specialist for value chain management in the pharmaceutical, chemicals, CPG and manufacturing industries. In the past 25 years he did not only become a trusted adviser to the top management of leading international companies but has also been sharing his knowledge and experiences as a university lecturer and frequent speaker at conferences. As a visionary leader and pioneer in Demand-Driven LEAN Supply Chain Planning, he firmly believes that the complexity and volatility we find in today’s business has become the new normal. His passion: enabling companies to master these challenges by building agile, digital, demand-driven supply chains.

David Poveda, DDPP, DDLP

Portfolio Analysis and Design: A Systemic Approach.

Most companies in the world have plenty of resources for continuously launching new products. However, almost none of them have the simplest rule for taking out products of its portfolio. In this original proposal, we will present a systemic methodology, including a key DDMRP concept, for portfolio management and design.

Director, Flowing Consultoría. Management and Operations consultant with 20 years experience in Latin America. David was the pioneer in implementing DDMRP down to the retail level and developed a comprehensive model for these environments that was included as an Appendix in the latest book by Carol Ptak and Chad Smith. He has led more than 20 DDMRP implementations in FMCG, pharmaceutical, plastics, textile and other industries.

Alfredo Angrisani, DDPP

A Visual Inquiry On Queue Dynamics And Lead Times in Supply Chains (Just How Mean Can An Average Be?)

Correct sizing of lead times is always crucial as you deal with just any part of a supply chain, but setting them as single, fixed, numbers can be wildly misleading as variability comes in- even at small doses. The presentation uses a simulator to demonstrate the devastating effects of variability when combined with resource saturation. And points to robust ways to solve this issue definitely.

Alfredo Angrisani is now an independent consultant after being for over 30 years a manager in operations, sales and IT, in Italy and France. He’s worked in various sectors: industrial equipment -including being in charge for several years of Sales administration & Planning and IT with Toyota Industrial Equipment-, food, fashion, and building elements.

Demand Driven World 2018

Demand Driven World 2018

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